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Did you know that approximately 1 in every 3 title searches reveal an issue from the past? There is a long list of potential costs and risks you assume when purchasing real estate (or lending for loans secured by real estate). For example, it's not uncommon to find that property taxes are owed or construction has taken place without permits. Title insurance will protect from matters like these, defects, and liens alike.

Protect yourself from issues buried by time

High Plains Abstract has nearly two decades of supporting Dallam and Hartley Counties in  Texas and surrounding states with irreplaceable knowledge and exceptional service in titles, real estate services and abstracts.

We recognize that each transaction is unique and important to those involved so we handle each transaction in an individualized manner.Count on us to meet deadlines.

Make sure you get the attention you deserve

We operate on the simple principle that you come first. We promise no email, phone call, fax, or question goes unanswered. Our team of experienced abstract / title professionals acknowledges all the details while being keenly aware of your deadline. We're here to solve all of your real estate related affairs including real estate closings, title plant and land records.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority

For expert assistance and individual attention, call us.